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Living with an animal

Adopting an animal is an important decision and requires thinking about very carefully.

Life expectancy is 15 years for a neutered cat, 12 for a dog  and in between  20 and 30 years for a horse. When you adopt an animal, you must know you commit yourself to taking care of it its whole life time, including during its old age, when its physical capacities are no longer what they used to be when it was young.

When you adopt an animal, you commit yourself to giving it the living environment it will needs and you commit yourself to devoting it the time it will require. In particular, you must be prepared to dedicate time to its education. A young dog has a lot to learn, it takes time, energy and sometimes even money when it is necessary to provide it with education lessons from a professional. But this is extremely important ! A successful education is a prerequisite for a good relationship with your animal throughout its life. On the contrary, a failed education can lead to behavioural problems which will make your life with it very difficult.

At Skogsvet, we can help you to have a balanced relationship with your pet, for everyone’s happiness.

Are you planning to adopt an animal ? Get in touch with us : we will help you find the right animal for your lifestyle, your plans and your abilities. Take a look at our Facebook page, there you will find advertisements for animals who need a new home.

Do you have a young dog and no experience in dog training ? Get in touch with us and you will have all the advice you need to develop good habits with him !

Are you having problems in your relationship with your pet ? Make an appointment for a behaviour consultation and we will help you to find a harmonious relationship with him. In the field of behaviour, prevention is extremely important: it’s easier to teach the animal the adequate good habits straight from the beginning than to have to change bad habits. In other words, it is easier to educate than to re-educate. So don’t wait until you have problems, come visit us first !

You will always be given a warm welcome with your dog, just to get to know each other and learn not to be afraid to go into the clinic !