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Welcome to Skogsveterinärerna !

Skogsveterinärerna is the name of an association of  2 veterinarians : Anne Roth, from Austria, and Sophie Delebecque, from France. We speak Swedish, English, German and French.
Our basic purpose is to practise medicine, surgery and additional examinations such as blood tests or x-rays. We also offer alternative solutions such as osteopathy, acupuncture or herbal medicine.
We believe that prevention is better than cure and that close partnership is fundamental. Together, we can make sure your pet is healthy, has a happy and comfortable life, and thrives in his relationship with you.
Building  a long-term and  trustful  relationship with animals’ owners is very important for us, so that together we can do the best for your pet . Each animal is unique and we always do our best to provide the care and service that suit them.
We take care of all animals : from small to large, and from pets to farm animals !
In our clinic you can also buy high quality food adapted to the specific needs of your pet, food supplements and everything you  could  need to take care of your 4-legged friend.